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pmsoutlaws's Journal

butterflies and handguns
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this journal is maintained by mandykay and co maintained by coldcell
its just a fun community we came up with from a joke we started about her and i being "bonnie and claudia"
i intend this to be a female only community men can join but they will not be allowed to post, hence this is a journal for women to rant and rave about pms, boys, school, work, people, or whatever. need advice you can get it here as well....
please follow the rules:
be kind and respectful to others
lj cut if your entry is really long or has more than two pictures
please do not post unrelated quiz results nobody here wants to know what size your edible underwear are
if you have complaints on another user please feel free to email me, if the rules are not followed and i recieve complaints i will give you a three stikes rule, and i really dont want it to come down to anyone being removed.